by TCA Staff

  • “Who will be my child’s teacher?”
  • “Who will be the head of school?”
  • “Can we expect positive outcomes if TCA’s teachers don’t have experience with the classical model?”

These are some of the common questions we receive from parents who are interested in Trinity Classical Academy. And they are fair questions, no doubt. But they’re less important than you might think. Please weigh the following six considerations:

1. Consider an example. Just last year, a new classical school called Atlanta Classical Academy started in Georgia. The majority of the school’s teachers did not have prior classical teaching experience. In spite of this “disadvantage,” the school is enjoying an unbelievable amount of success. Just last week, ACA students received their results from taking the Iowa Basic Skills Test, and the results were astounding. For example, all grades except one scored above the 90th percentile in English Language Arts.

2. Consider the demand. Classical schools are popping up everywhere because people understand the method’s supremacy and see its superior results. Atlanta Classical Academy - barely one year into existence - has a wait list over 1,200 students long!

3. Consider the reality. Since secular humanism is the dominant ideology of our day, the majority of teachers are trained accordingly! Therefore, teachers who have actual classical teaching experience are rare. Thankfully, the classical method is not rocket-science. It can be mastered quickly by motivated teachers and parents.

4. Consider the method as a whole (not just the individual teachers). The unique factor about TCA is that it is classical and collaborative. Success will not hinge upon an individual teacher’s personality or methods, but rather upon (a) the classical method that has proven effective for hundreds of years and (b) parents’ devotion to their child (remember, parents will spend more time teaching their children than the on-campus teachers!).

5. Consider the impressive credentials of our staff applicants.  We just recently started taking applications for our staff positions.  Already, we are seeing some impressive pedigrees. Here is a sampling:

  • Summa cum laude from Vanderbilt University
  • Successfully launched and grew a charter school after working five years as the administrator of a Christian classical school
  • Graduated from St. John’s College in Annapolis, MD (a classical college whose founders were mentored by Mortimer Adler, the modern “father” of classical education)
  • Average of 8 years teaching experience (for teaching candidates)

6. Consider the alternatives. TCA will have 100% of its classes taught classically. While some teachers may enter into the first year with classical teaching experience, in subsequent years ALL of our teachers will have meaningful classical teaching experience. Every other school in town will have 0% of its classes taught classically, and none of its teachers will have classical teaching experience. Which is the better option?

We’ve already begun the staff application process, and we expect to hire our head of school and one or two initial teachers in the next month or two. But we can’t hire our entire teaching staff until we know the actual makeup of our student body. We already have enough wait-listed children for at least one kindergarten and one first-grade class, so we are proceeding with interviews for those grades. The ages of the remainder of our charter students will determine our subsequent hiring priorities.

We’ve always said that we need YOUR help to get Trinity Classical Academy up and running. So don’t wait on the sidelines until every position is filled and every question answered! Jump into this adventure with us. Together, let’s shape the future of education in Omaha – for the glory of God and the good of our children.