by TCA Staff

Homeschooling is an exciting experience for many families. It gives parents the chance to engage directly in their children’s learning, builds a sense of family closeness, and allows great freedom for different learning paces and styles. The flexibility of homeschooling lets parents tailor-make the education that best suits each child. Great, right?

The flip side of all this possibility is that homeschooling can also get a bit overwhelming. For many, the benefits of homeschooling are counterbalanced by the considerable challenges of educating multiple kids with a range of ages and needs. Because of this complexity, some families eventually opt out of homeschooling altogether.

Support systems are really important for the long-term success of homeschooling families, and that’s where Trinity Classical Academy can help! TCA is a collaborative school that follows the classical model of education and can provide homeschool families the structure and support they need to ensure a long-term, positive homeschool experience. Here are three ways that TCA can help you be a better homeschooler:

1. You Get the Expertise of a Trained Teacher...

Students at TCA will spend two days each week in the classroom learning from a professional teacher and three days a week working with their parents at home (the schedule inverts in the upper grades). TCA’s teachers have years of classroom experience combined with a commitment to teaching the Classical Christian model. This kind of teaching support is a huge benefit for parents who may feel very confident teaching one set of subjects (math or science, for example) but struggle to teach the subjects outside their comfort zone (such as language arts). Having a teacher in your corner is also helpful for troubleshooting potential learning challenges or other struggles.  

2. Who Plans the Curriculum...

Homeschooling parents will tell you that putting together a school year’s curriculum involves months of research and planning. University-style schools like TCA provide a cohesive curriculum from the Classical Core subjects: History, Math, Science, Language Arts, Latin, and Music. Rather than piecing together these elements from assorted curricula, TCA takes the weight of planning and preparation off the parent’s shoulders, leaving them with the fun part - teaching and learning alongside their kids. Each week’s assignments and projects are posted to the parents’ portal on the website so parents know exactly what to do with their kids each day.

3. Leaving You To Do the Fun Parts of Homeschooling!

Lifting the full weight of planning and teaching responsibilities from the shoulders of parents has a wonderful effect. It brings back the joy of homeschooling for overwhelmed moms and dads. It also gives kids the chance to experience a classroom, learn from an authority figure other than mom or dad, and build relationships with other kids.

We believe that TCA is a rich resource for families who want their home schools to flourish. Our aim is to empower parents to build a wide and deep body of knowledge in their kids to help them succeed, academically and personally, over the long term. We’re really excited to launch in 2016 and hope you’ll check out the website for more information.