by Sara Breetzke, TCA Head of School

Hello!  My name is Sara Breetzke, and it is a privilege to serve as the first Head of School for Trinity Classical Academy.  Part of the joy of this new position is thinking about and explaining the vision of TCA.  I’d like to share with you four aspects of this vision that consistently get me excited as I think about this educational endeavor. 

1.  It’s New. Our school provides a method to educate your children that hasn’t yet been introduced in Omaha.  Through its uniquely classical, Christian, and collaborative model, your children will grow in knowledge, gain Biblical wisdom, and learn from godly teachers and parents.  

2.  It’s Old. Although TCA is new to Omaha, the model it follows is not.  In addition to teaching your child from a historical, Biblical worldview, we want to introduce your children to the best works of history, the content that’s truly “classic.”  We believe the virtue and knowledge they’ll learn from these works will prepare them to navigate modern society with wisdom and influence.   

3.  It builds the Family. According to Deuteronomy 6, parents are primarily responsible before God for the education of their children.  The collaborative model gives parents the primary responsibility for and involvement in their children’s education while still providing the benefits of a school environment. Furthermore, you’ll get to experience firsthand the joy of seeing your children learn, and along the way, you might learn something new as well.

4.  It builds the Kingdom. Teaching and learning are at the heart of what it means to be a Christian.  In fact, the word disciple is synonymous with the word learner. Through a Biblical foundation and a classical model that teaches children how to learn, TCA desires your children to see the world through a gospel lens that will drive them to worship, create in them a curiosity about an infinite God and the world He created, and give them the ability to speak effectively about their faith in Jesus Christ.

I am blessed to be a part of this movement in which faithful people work together to build a school that glorifies God. He enables us to educate our children with joy and hope and dependence on Him, and my prayer is that you, too, will find this vision compelling as you prayerfully consider the future of TCA.