by Terra Burt


In their hearts humans plan their course, but the LORD establishes their steps. Proverbs 16:9

Even before we had children, Cameron and I started praying about their education. What school would they go to? What would be best for our family? What would be best for them? With all of these questions in our minds, we presented our requests to God. After some time we had settled on a Christian school in a different suburb outside Des Moines. Naturally, we also moved closer to the school.

Little did we know that God had something different in mind. I still remember the day that Cameron came home and told me that his company had asked him to come to Omaha. A firm 'no' was our initial answer, but for the next two weeks our lives were in pure chaos. One night after mowing the lawn Cameron walked in the door and said, "I think we need to re-think Omaha.” I looked at him and knew that God was calling us there.

We had to grieve a lot of things during the move to Omaha, and one was letting go of the school we had wanted. I knew that if God was calling us to a new city, he had a better plan. But what was it?

There are so many different types of educational systems offered in Omaha. We started looking into them and into homeschooling, but nothing seemed to fit our family - or most importantly our faith. We had decided on the public school, but we still had an unsettled feeling about our choice.

In a flash, it was time to send our oldest off to Kindergarten. He attended a half-day program at a church that used the local public school's curriculum. This way I still had time with him during the day, but he received an intro into the public school life.

Then, I got a text.

"I just heard about this new classical educational school where they go to school two days a week and you homeschool the other days."

Within the hour, I had looked up the school, emailed for more information, and received a phone call from the school right away. My husband came home to a wife jumping up and down talking all about Trinity Classical Academy. After attending an informational meeting a few weeks later, my husband looked at me: we both knew this was what God had for us.

Our son Jacen was the first student signed up for TCA.

Family and faith are very important to us. TCA fosters an environment for both family and faith to grow within a loving, biblically-based community. Not only that, but the school teaches the beauty of truth in knowledge and understanding.


Life Together

A short time into Jacen's kindergarten year, he had stopped wanting me to walk him into class. No kisses, no hugs. I accepted that as normal. He seemed to be more aggressive and talked back more. Some things at school started to upset him, and by the end of the year he would barely tell me what he was learning.

This year in TCA I have seen the exact opposite. We still have our tough times, but he often requests that I walk him to class, stay for assembly, or stay for lunch. I get hugs, kisses, and high fives when I drop him off and when we master a concept in homeschool. Our family is closer because of TCA.


Thriving on the Classical Homeschool Model

I was completely against the homeschool and classical education models. I looked at homeschooling as something I would never do. It went against everything I was taught while studying and teaching education. I had  looked into the classical model while attending a homeschool conference and walked out thinking, “Nope, never.”

But after reading up on the classical model and experiencing it firsthand, it makes all the sense in the world. We thrive on the homeschool and classical models. After just one quarter at TCA, the growth I have seen in both our children is astounding.


Foundational Truths

Not only is our family closer and flourishing academically, our faith and knowledge of truth has increased. Our children know the answers to questions like, "Who is God," "Who made God," or "Has God ever had a beginning?" They know what holy means. They sing hymns as they play, they can recite Psalm 19, and The Lord's Prayer is almost a daily occurrence in our home. Imagine what truths they’ll know after the years to come!


I tell people that TCA seems like a dream. They get to experience school. We get to homeschool. We get to do life together and have the time needed to work hard in these "investment years.” And once it was only a dream. But God has blessed it and continues to move and work within it.

I'll never forget turning the stoplight to school for our first day. I was nervous, teary, and excited. But God had laid it on thick that we were walking into exactly what God had called us into, which made me want to run up to those doors! We were in Omaha because of this. I knew that he would equip us with exactly what we needed in order to make TCA work! And he has. Abundantly.

His divine power has given us everything we need for a godly life through our knowledge of him who called us by his own glory and goodness. 2 Peter 1:3