by Sara Breetzke, TCA Head of School

At most elementary schools, friends and family gather each semester for a school program. At Trinity Classical Academy, instead of inviting our community to passively watch a performance, we invite them to actively join us in celebrating our students’ achievements and God’s goodness to our school. This is the goal of Trinity Classical Academy’s Semester Celebration which took place last weekend.

Throughout Scripture, God’s people repeatedly gather to celebrate God’s provision and blessings. Why should we not do the same as a school family? And halfway through year two of our school’s life, we find there is much to celebrate.

Because we are a classical school, we celebrate the diligence of our students. At our celebration they shared scripture, poems, and songs they’d memorized over the past 5 months - and this is just a fraction of all the truth, goodness, and beauty they’ve memorized and internalized as they completed their lessons.

Formal recitations, let alone a celebration, may not be what many of us expect from an elementary program, but this skill is key to the classical model: students are learning to focus their attention on language, to store precise, beautiful, and sophisticated language in their brains, and to ponder God’s word in their heart. These words are the foundation, the grammar, for their later education in logic and in rhetoric school, when they will learn to connect these pieces and reorganize them in unique and meaningful ways.

Because we are a collaborative school, we celebrate the diligence of our teachers and parents. Without their sacrifice, vision, and care, TCA would not exist and our students would not be growing in academic excellence and love of the Lord.

Because we are a school for children, we celebrate the souls of each of the 132 students represented at TCA. They are God’s gift to our families and our communities, and we treasure their presence at TCA.

Finally, and above all these things, we are a Christian school. Even if nothing of our efforts stand, even if our legacy lasts no further than this moment, even if our lessons are imperfect and our poem recitation flops, we still have every reason to celebrate:  God humbled himself to come to earth, to live a human life, and to die on a cross - for us in all of our meager efforts. And so we celebrate that Truth with great joy as we reflect on TCA’s first semester. It cannot be taken away by circumstances or cheapened by grades or removed based on our performance. And in the face of anything that may try to convince us otherwise, at TCA we pray that God would be glorified as we remember his provision for us in Christ.

At our most recent faculty meeting, one of our newer teachers made an observation. She said, “The students of TCA are always thanking God for this school, not in a prideful way, but they seem genuinely thankful that God provided this school and that they get to attend.”

This attitude in our children is the work of the Holy Spirit. And this attitude is the natural outcome of a community of adults - parents and teachers - routinely praying and stating their gratitude to God for his work at Trinity Classical Academy.

So if you’re a TCA family, keep it up. We owe all to our Lord Jesus. Your habits of gratitude are forming your children to be  grateful and joyful. And if you’re wondering what it’s like to be at TCA? We work hard to follow the Lord and learn about his world, but we know it’s ultimately God who is establishing our work - and we are ever so grateful.