I’m not familiar with this “collaborative” or “university” model. How does it work?

Please see the home page to read more about our classical, Christian, collaborative model.

What does an average week look like?

Students attend classes 2 days a week from 8:45 am to 3:45 pm. At-home instruction takes place on the other 3 days.

What will it cost?

TCA's tuition rate is $3650 per student per year for grades K-6 and $4400 per student per year for grade 7, with a 10% discount for additional students from the same family. Pre-K tuition is $2500. The only additional cost is a $200 application fee. Families will also want to budget for school uniforms and books (cost will vary depending on grade). Our Board is committed to keeping costs low, making this school accessible for as many families as possible.

How many students make up the student body?

For the 2018-19 academic year, we have a student body of 202 students in grades pre-K through 6. Our student-to-teacher ratio is 9:1.

How is this different from home schooling?

In homeschooling, parents bear responsibility for the entire educational process: choosing curriculum, planning lessons, teaching, grading, recordkeeping, etc. In a university-style school, the curriculum, lesson-planning, teaching, and grading are handled by the school, leaving parents free to participate in the most enjoyable part of education: co-teaching. Students receive a top-quality classical education using the best curriculum and practices, and parents get the joy of facilitating learning without having to manage the entire educational process.

Is financial aid available?

YES! Thanks to some generous donors, we have funds available to provide need-based financial aid. All families desiring financial assistance must first apply for admission to TCA. Once admitted, families desiring financial assistance will fill out a third-party financial aid application, and aid will be awarded to families who demonstrate financial need.

Where is the school located?

Our on-campus days take place at St. Paul's Lutheran Church on 133rd & Millard Avenue.

Is this school accredited by the State of Nebraska?

No. The school operates as an “exempt school” under Rule 13 of the Nebraska Administrative Code, which allows private, denominational, and parochial schools to sidestep state approval and accreditation requirements that would violate the sincerely held religious beliefs of parents. The reason for this exemption is twofold: 1) State accreditation comes with specific mandates (for instance, Common Core curriculum) that we feel interfere with parent-directed Christian education; and 2) the State of Nebraska’s accreditation process does not include a category for “part-time” university-style schools that combine classroom instruction with parental co-teaching. Because of this exemption, parents will be responsible to file Rule 12 or Rule 13 forms with the State of Nebraska each summer (these are the same forms home-schooling families have to fill out each year). For parents new to this process, we can assist and advise in navigating this paperwork.

Does TCA offer pre-kindergarten?

Yes; our Pre-K program is intended for children who are preparing for kindergarten at TCA.

So is TCA only going to be an elementary school?

No. Our goal is to add a new grade every year until we become a full K-12 school.

Who else is doing this?

These types of schools are flourishing in larger cities all over the nation. For some comparative examples, check out:

The National Association of University-Model Schools

Trinity Classical School of Houston

Austin Classical School

Who oversees this school?

We have a motivated Board of Directors and a Head of School with 8 years of classroom teaching experience. The Board broadly oversees the school’s affairs; the Head of School is in charge of daily operations.

Who should I contact with further questions?

Feel free to direct any additional questions to Even better, attend one of our informational meetings to hear more in person!